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12 in 1 USB C Hub
12 in 1 – USB C Hub
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12 in 1 – USB C Hub



The USB C Hub is an elegant piece of hardware that you can connect to your PC’s USB C port to increase the number of USB Ports on your PC. This way, you can connect many devices at once to pretty much any computer on the market. The USB Hub provides an elegant and affordable solution to a common problem, and above all, it is straightforward to use and set up in no time!

  • The USB C Hub allows for lots of devices!
  • The USB Hub looks great!
  • The USB C Hub is easy to set up!
  • The USB Ports are of great quality!
(60 customer reviews)

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 cm

60 reviews for 12 in 1 – USB C Hub

  1. E***d (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, nothing is loose, neat symbols, works well MacBook

  2. a***i (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping and good quality build.
    I traid connectin it to ipad pro 2018
    1 doesn’t connect throw magic keyboard. Connect only by the ipad it self. For that the cable is too short.
    2 connecting the HD is only for video, so you need to connect sound via AUX.
    3 It is a little bit wider than the 11″ model

  3. M***t (verified owner)

    Delivers what it promises can use two screens in Mac quietly very good! Arrived Super Fast 15 days

  4. J***m (verified owner)

    nice !!

  5. A***a (verified owner)

    Excellent, very good quality and nice, all my ports work without any problem

  6. J***e (verified owner)

    Laptop of pedestal cum TV plugs into the hub for road use in order to buy.
    Baseus 100W charger with PD power by connecting separate charge machine cut without operation.

  7. m***o (verified owner)

    Reached safe within time

  8. V***c (verified owner)

    It came super fast. It works perfectly on my chromebook. I recommend it, both the device and the brand.

  9. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

  10. M***y (verified owner)

    Very nice materials, all quality

  11. V***V (verified owner)


  12. b***o (verified owner)

    Laptop used by connecting to buy. 4K monitor 60Hz output + PD degree W charger + gigabit wired LAN connect + USB3.2 data transmission + 3.5 audio output both the operation at once well Busin ㅎ Gen2 terminals for your laptop HOT!!! Laptop in USB-C is if one only belly in terrific ㅋ ㅋ

  13. G***s (verified owner)

  14. 7***r (verified owner)

    Nice and neat.

  15. S***Z (verified owner)

    Very good

  16. t***r (verified owner)

  17. y***m (verified owner)

  18. c***r (verified owner)

  19. P***o (verified owner)

  20. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Great product and quality.!
    Only thing that was a small detail in box mixed .. Anything that interferes with the product

  21. P***o (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, excellent building material. all ports work fine at the same time.
    Fully compatible with macbook pro m1.

  22. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    Loved excellent product.

  23. a***n (verified owner)

    Good product

  24. R***a (verified owner)

    Received with gift safe and timely

  25. s***h (verified owner)

    Good seller received in timely with gift. Thanks

  26. a***n (verified owner)

    Received with gift thank you seller

  27. r***n (verified owner)

  28. A***n (verified owner)

  29. V***M (verified owner)

    Ideal, as a gift cable yusb Taip with 2 meters, quality bomb, I recommend

  30. l***a (verified owner)

  31. l***k (verified owner)

  32. t***t (verified owner)


  33. A***d (verified owner)

    Received parcel safe

  34. L***a (verified owner)

  35. AliExpress Shopper (verified owner)

    The first impression is the fire, did not check the VGA and card slots (until nothing) the Teclast laptop also with Ali with his UHD video card, three screens have started up. The network via RJ45 also works. Speed and Other those. I’ll have the part later.

  36. d***r (verified owner)

    Excellent Product, arrived very fast in 9 days. Recommend the seller.

  37. M***v (verified owner)

    I was very pleasantly surprised after I found a gift cable – a gesture from the supplier. top quality at a great price, thanks I recommend

  38. c***c (verified owner)

    Realmente buena calidad. Queda perfecto en mi MacBook Pro 16”. Sin embargo, la SuperDrive no funciona conectada al Hub, requiere confección directa a la computadora, con accesorio oficial Apple

  39. A***e (verified owner)


  40. I***g (verified owner)

    Think more shipping teeth grew the product without the tool cooking equipment cheap-the only other products in the slot extension wholesale good design wholesale tidy and nicer durable will look more having you’re not know once satisfied are displayed.

  41. E***n (verified owner)

    Baseus always surprising. An excellent product, such as the description. Arrived quickly

  42. C***r (verified owner)

    Great product, good quality, you can connect two monitors at the same time apart from the laptop screen

  43. S***o (verified owner)

    Got it. Works.

  44. J***o (verified owner)

    Excellent. Tested with HDMI monitor and VGA monitor plus integrated screen.

  45. S***n (verified owner)

    Only one word “awesome”! In 10 days I receive in Chile! And the product is very nice 😉 completed recomen.

  46. m***m (verified owner)

    Excellent quality! A little later I will write the experience of operation. Order came very fast

  47. C***i (verified owner)

    Delivery in 15 days for France beware the charger 30 w does not charge the battery at the same time as the hub (or really very weakly) very good quality. And good price because sold 75 € on amazon

  48. C***o (verified owner)

  49. C***y (verified owner)

    2nd purchase. Working well.

  50. M***a (verified owner)

    Very, very good quality, bought to expand the monitors, and it turned out how to go.

    Delivery to Ramensky in two days

  51. R***a (verified owner)

    Received parcel in time further quality and performance will check later

  52. D***y (verified owner)

    Multi HUB is isn’t bad. Working good. But not for 5 stars.

  53. J***h (verified owner)

    Received parcel safe

  54. H***e (verified owner)

    Very good product, works pretty well

  55. K***i (verified owner)

    Nicer order as you received it

  56. K***e (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the product!! Love it. Thank you and it works very well too.

  57. S***w (verified owner)

  58. F***i (verified owner)

    Very good, back to say test

  59. L***z (verified owner)

    the producto arrive very fast, buth the HDMI doesnt work

  60. n***a (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and all OK.

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The USB C Hub has some tremendously useful features to offer that’ll
make your life a breeze! Let’s take a look at some of them!

Good Looking on your Desk

The USB C Hub has been designed with elegance in mind, and it will fit perfectly on any desk without harming the visuals of it!

Lightweight Solution

Our USB C Hub doesn’t weigh much and is therefore perfect for use while travelling or moving!

Very Easy to Use

The USB C Hub is incredibly easy to use, you simply plug it in and enjoy your added ports! Anyone can use it on any PC making it perfectly accessible!

Large Compatibility Range

The USB Hub can be used with pretty much every PC out there, regardless of operating system or other specifications making it perfect for everyone!

Great Port Quality

All of the ports on the USB C Hub are of great quality and will provide little to no extra latency compared to your native PC Ports!

USB C Compatibility

As the name suggests, the USB C Hub allows you to connect regular USB devices to a computer with only USB C ports in no time!





Have you ever ran out of USB ports to use on your computer? If you have then you’ll know how incredibly infuriating this can be, but there is no need to worry any longer! Using this incredible piece of technology, known as the USB C Hub! For a great price and incredible ease of use you can multiply your USB ports in no time! Using the USB C Hub, you’ll never run out of USB ports again, and the quality of the added ports is nothing short of amazing! So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a USB C Hub today!

Risk-free with Free Shipping and 15-Days Returns.

Why Choose Us?

We have now looked at the many great features that the USB C Hub has to offer, but why should you choose our company? We are a reputable company with many sales on the USB C Hub meaning we always stick to our promises. We aim to give the customer the best experience they can get, and according to our user reviews we have been very successful in that area. We can guarantee the pleasant delivery of your USB C Hub so that you can enjoy your extra ports in no time!

Uses of the USB C Hub

We have seen the features of this incredible product, but we haven’t looked at
the particular use cases that the USB C hub has to offer. Let’s take a look!

Expand your USB Ports in no time

Using the USB C Hub you can significantly expand the amount of USB Ports on your PC in no time, giving you access to many more devices at once!

Convert USB C into regular USB

Some computers only have USB C ports, using this Hub you can connect any USB Device to any computer in a matter of seconds!

Convert USB C into HDMI

Using the USB C Hub you can convert your USB C signal into a 4K HDMI signal for incredible video quality on any device!

Read SD Cards on your USB C Device

With this incredible USB C Hub you can read SD Cards with the built in SD card reader!

USB Speakers or Headset

The USB C Hub can also be used with audio devices such as speakers or headsets to ensure optimal audio quality at all times!

USB Gaming devices such as controllers

The USB C Hub is the perfect solution for gamers looking to connect controllers or other hardware to their computer through several USB ports!

Customer Reviews

We have mentioned all the great features and uses of this product, but you of course
don’t have to take our word for it.Take a look at some of these great customer
reviews on our product that will inspire you in no time!

The Hub was incredibly easy to set up and it worked like a charm, 10/10!

Bob Military Staff Member

‘The USB C Hub has made my life a lot easier and it solved most of my technical issues in a heartbeat, more than recommended!’

Emma Student

‘The Hub worked great and did exactly what it is supposed to do, a very solid product and a nice company experience!’

Terrance Entrepreneur

‘Pleasant experience and a great company, nothing more I could have wished for!’

David Student

    F A Q

    We will finish this page by taking a look at some of the frequently
    asked questions surrounding the USB C Hub. Let’s dive straight into them!

  • Q: Can I connect multiple devices to the Hub at once?

    A: Yes, you can! That’s the main strength of the USB C Hub and it can be done very easily!

  • Q: How do I set up the USB C Hub?

    A: The USB C Hub is a plug and play device, simply plug it into the USB C Port and enjoy its functionality!

  • Q: Can I connect audio devices to the USB C Hub?

    A: Yes, you can connect audio devices such as headsets and speakers in a heartbeat!

  • Q: What Operating Systems does the USB C Hub support?

    A: The USB C Hub is an incredibly versatile device, and it supports all operating systems and PC specs as long as there is a USB C port available!

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